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Post Magic
What is magic you might ask? It is. What is the air we breathe? The wind against our skin? The feel of dirt between our toes? Some of this has been broken down by science and perhaps one day magic shall be same. What it IS is up to debate is it not? It simply is the life of the world, the pulse, the river, the wind. It is Magic. It simply is, we’ve theories, ideas, postulations. It simply is. Ley lines give a boost to power, nodes even more so, but the world itself is power. Even the beyond. It simply is. That being said every Mage can channel magic differently, is skilled or adept at different ways of pulling in and expressing the power. To that end “Magic” has been broken into the various “Schools”.

Elemental- Elemental comes first because it is divided into four subcategories. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. Now you might look at this and say “What about the Eastern Elements?” They fall into one of the categories. Earth is Earth, Wood is Earth, Metal is Earth, Fire is Fire, and Water is Water. What of someone who believes in that and is able to use Wind magic? Well surprisingly enough they are the most prevalent “foreign exchange” students between orders.

*Elemental Earth- The earth is always there. Slow, ponderous, steadfast, unyielding. When used called on, those Mages skilled in the Element of Earth can shake the foundations of the world. Stone, wood, and dirt obey their command. Plants and sand shift at their words. To stand in front of an Earth Mage unprotected is to welcome the bones of the world and their fury.

*Elemental Fire- To live others must die. Fire is alive because it consumes Earth and is fed by Wind. Probably the most destructive element by far, those who can call the element of Fire are able to bring forth this in all its forms. From lighting a campfire, to starting a bonfire, to immolation, to an inferno. All of this comes at beck and call of the Fire Mage. To invoke the wrath of such is to beckon a painful immolation.

*Elemental Wind- The most ethereal of all elements it has a hand in all but is master of none save the storm. In the fury of a sand storm the wind rules, in the heart of a forest fire whirling tornadoes of fire spawn, upon the open sea the wind is both savior and destroyer. A gentle breeze can cool one off, or a strong wind can rip a tree from its roots. The Wind can be either, its only absolute power in that of a storm. Those who call upon the Wind summon forth the unseen, ever present breath of the world. Lighting of the storm, unseen forces that are only felt, this is the essence of wind.

*Elemental Water- One of the last great mysteries available are the depths of the oceans, the swirling abyss that holds more than most dream. This is the power of the element of Water. The lulling comfort of the sea, or the whirlpool that drags you to the depths, the hot springs, the boiling waters fed by lava flows, the frozen rivers and dangerous ice. These are the things of Water, the life giver of the world, and the taker.

More to come

Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:25 pm
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