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Another Night... 
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He ducked under the bottle and came up with a strong upper cut to the ribs. The air 'whooshed' out as he pushed him back onto the floor; the crowd pushed towards the door fleeing. He advanced towards the second man involved in the fight, but the first was already to his feet. The amout of energy he had let bleed out into the strike should have had him gasping on the floor. As he rose there a smile spreading on his face, he looked to Eric with a certain amount of hunger.

"The fuck?" was all he managed before the second one, whom he'd foolishly turned his back to, wrapped arms around him pinning his hands in a vice like grip. He slammed his head back but it felt like smacking into a wooden table. Small specks of light danced infront of his eyes and he was forced to shake his head to keep from going into a daze. Something was not quite fucking right; he had seen enough to know when someone should be down. Shit! his mind spun at the possibilities...and then he stopped caring.

He closed his eyes for a moment and felt the old familiar surge pile up within him. Like his blood was pumping pure fire in his veins, his heart was hooked up to a generator. A throbbing pulse raced across his skin and he smiled. The Elemental powers of the Wind and Storm came at his call. It was little effort to throw out a small pulse breaking the hold around him. The man or whatever stumbled back. The one advancing paused, his eyes going slightly wide as Eric clenched his fist. A ripple tinged with blue gripped the one in front of him. With a vicious gesture it was sent flying, crashing into the wall with bone shattering force.

Eric spun just in time to snatch the other up from in front of him with the same power. "Fuck around in my bar?" He made a gesture with his left hand, then his right. Ever tightening currents of energy wound around him with enough force that his bones began to creak. Eric clenched both fist and threw his hands wide. The result was the body spining in several quick circles as it twisted in half and the two halves fell twitching upon the floor. He turned towards the first one he had thrown...just in time to catch a beer bottle to the head. He went down hard, his vision blurring beyond being able to make coherence of the surroundings. He felt strong hands grab his shoulders and then power surged.

She had watched the display, huddled and frightened in the corner. Now he was down and about to be very very dead. And she was next. Her heart caught in her throat as power welled out of her like a burst of pure darkness. It struck the man-thing in the back full force. Decay, rot, and putrification spread over his body as he screamed and fell back. He twitched on the floor as the decay ate away at him quickly. It was over in seconds leaving only a messy puddle of what looked like a mix of shit, bile, and old blood. Her stomach twisted and her vision began to fog.

Eric opened his eyes and shook his head. Something bound his wrist. He struggled for a moment before the cop put a hand on him, "Settle down!" Handcuffs. "Oh come on you got to be fucking kidding me! What the fuck?!?" The cop smiled, one of the regulars in the area with a real stick up his ass, and rubbed his baby smooth chin "We'll start with disturbing the peace. Since it was your bar and all, and you were fighting or so the witnesses said. Maybe we'll tack on assault if we can find the guys you decided to swing on." Find? Should some pieces... He shook his head as he looked at the other squad car and noticed the female with in. Of course. There wouldnt be much left if she 'cleaned up' a bit. "Now come on tough guy, time to have that down town conversation." He was pushed in and the door slammed shut. "Fuck my life..."

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