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Dice in Penetrator 
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Post Dice in Penetrator
In Penetrator, the mechanics of conflicts are resolved through dice rolling, like countless other Pen & Paper RPGs. Generally speaking, you declare what your character is trying to do and then roll dice to determine if you've met with success or failure.

The general mechanic of how many and what kind of dice to roll is that the player rolls a number of dice equal to their character's relevant Attribute, plus a number of dice equal to their character's relevant skill. You may further augment this pool through the use of equipment that may give a bonus to some rolls.

This group of dice may then have dice added or subtracted from it based on higher or lower than normal difficulty of a task, complications or distractions. The number of dice a player rolls for a conflict may never exceed 10 and will always be at least 1.

The dice rolled will be d6s and a roll of a 5 or 6 on any individual die is considered a point. Upon rolling any 6s, you also roll an additional die, which is subject to the same rules. You may be rolling against a task which requires a certain number of points to succeed, you may be rolling against another character's roll, or you may be rolling simply to see how many points you can accrue.

Once you roll your dice and count up your points, compare these against any points accrued by your opposition, if there is opposition. Whoever's scored more points has succeeded in the challenge, and the number of points they've exceeded their opponents by is considered their margin of success.

When tallying points for margin of success, each point you've gotten is considered to be worth more than the previous point. So, if you net 3 points in a conflict, that 2nd point should count for more than the 1st point and the 3rd point should count for more than the 2nd. This is important to keep in mind for conflicts in which the degree of success is important to the outcome.

Also, sometimes conflicts are a longer, more drawn out process spanning more than a few moments and lasting minutes, hours, days or longer. For long-term conflicts such as these you have basically 2 options: break the conflict into smaller conflicts that can be handled in one momentary roll or make the conflict an extended conflict. For extended conflicts you roll multiple times at predetermined intervals and continue tallying points until either the tally reaches a certain point or until the conflict has reached its end.

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Post Re: Dice in Penetrator
There are two additional rules that come into play when rolling dice in Penetrator: random rolls and botches.

Whenever there is no deciding factor in a situation other than sheer luck and random chance, one should roll a random roll to determine the outcome. A random roll is accomplished by rolling a full pool of 10 dice, however, the outcome is counted differently than normal. First, only 6s add points, not 5s and those 6s are NOT rerolled. Secondly, any 1s subtract points. In this way, the result can be either for or against the one initiating the roll and it may result in a net of 0 points as well.

As to botches, whenever a character rolls dice and they not only get 0 successes, but they roll an amount of 1s that exceeds the skill used in the roll (not the Attribute, just the skill), the result is a botch. A botch should be arbitrated by the GM as the character in question performing the action poorly and receiving some sort of moderately negative effect. This could be something like a gun jamming on a firearms roll, the character twisting their ankle on an athletic roll, or saying something embarassing in a social confrontation.

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